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QuickStart: Friendli Dedicated Endpoints

1. Log In or Sign Up

  • If you have an account, log in using your preferred SSO or email/password combination.
  • If you're new to FriendliAI, create an account for free.


2. Access Friendli Dedicated Endpoints

  • On your dashboard, find the "Friendli Dedicated Endpoints" section.
  • If unauthorized, ask your team admin to provide access to the Friendli Dedicated Endpoints at the team settings.

Dashboard Unauthorized Team Members Dashboard Authorized

3. Select Your Project

  • Either create a new project, or choose from your existing projects for your workload.

Project List

4. Prepare Your Model

  • Choose a model that you wish to serve from HuggingFace, or upload your custom model on our cloud.


5. Deploy Your Endpoint

  • Deploy your endpoint, using the model of your choice prepared from step 3, and the instance equipped with your desired GPU specification.
  • You can also configure your replicas and the max-batch-size for your endpoint.

Create Endpoint Endpoint Detail

6. Generate Responses

  • You can generate your responses in two ways: playground and endpoint address.
  • Try out and test generating responses on your custom model using a chatGPT-like interface at the playground tab.

Endpoint Playground

  • For general usages, send queries to your model through our API at the given endpoint address, accessible on the endpoint information tab.