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friendli model convert-adapter


friendli model convert-adapter [OPTIONS]


Convert huggingface's adapter checkpoint to Friendli format.

When an adapter checkpoint is in the Hugging Face PEFT format, it cannot be directly served in Friendli. It requires conversion to the Friendli format. The conversion process involves copying the original adapter checkpoint and transforming it into a checkpoint in the Friendli format (*.h5).

This function does not include the friendli checkpoint convert command. i.e. friendli checkpoint convert-adapter only converts adapter's parameters, not backbone's.


The friendli checkpoint convert-adapter is available only when the package is installed with pip install "friendli-client[mllib]".


--adapter-name-or-path, -aTEXTHugging Face pretrained adapter name or path to the saved adapter checkpoint.-
--output-dir, -oTEXTDirectory path to save the converted adapter checkpoint and related configuration files. Two files will be created in the directory: adapter.h5, and attr.yaml. The adapter.h5 is the converted checkpoint and can be renamed using the --output-adapter-filename option. The attr.yaml is the adapter checkpoint attribute file, to be used when uploading the converted model to Friendli. You can designate the file name using the --output-attr-filename option.-
--data-type, -dtCHOICE: [bf16, fp16, fp32, int8, int4]The data type of converted checkpoint.-
--base-model-name-or-path, -bTEXTHugging Face model name or path to the saved backbone checkpoint. By default, we use the base_model_name_or_path in adapter_config.json.None
--cache-dirTEXTDirectory for downloading checkpoint.None
--dry-runBOOLEANOnly check conversion avaliability.False
--output-adapter-filenameTEXTName of the converted adapter checkpoint file.adapter.h5
--output-attr-filenameTEXTName of the adapter checkpoint attribute file.adapter_attr.yaml