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friendli api completions create


friendli api completions create [OPTIONS]


Creates text completions.


--prompt, -pTEXTThe input text to generate completion for.-
--model, -mTEXTThe model to use for chat completions. See for more about available models and pricing.None
--endpoint-id, -eTEXTDedicated endpoint ID to send request.None
--n, -nINTEGER RANGEThe number of results to generate.None
--max-tokens, -MINTEGER RANGEThe maximum number of tokens to generate.None
--stop, -STEXTWhen one of the stop phrases appears in the generation result, the API will stop generation. The stop phrases are excluded from the result. Repeat this option to use multiple stop phrases.None
--temperature, -TFLOAT RANGESampling temperature. non-zero positive numbers are allowed.None
--top-p, -PFLOAT RANGETokens comprising the top top_p probability mass are kept for sampling.None
--frequency-penalty, -fpFLOAT RANGEPositive values penalizes tokens that have been sampled, taking into account their frequency in the preceding text. This penalization diminishes the model's tendency to reproduce identical lines verbatim.None
--presence-penalty, -ppFLOAT RANGEPositive values penalizes tokens that have been sampled at least once in the existing text.None
--stream, -sBOOLEANWhether to stream generation result.False
--token, -tTEXTPersonal access token for auth.None
--teamTEXTID of team to run as.None